Gifts of Stock or Mutual Funds

Gifts of appreciated securities typically carry benefits not associated with gifts made by check, cash, or credit card:

  • You avoid capital gains tax. Any gain is taxable if you sell stock or mutual fund shares yourself, but not if you transfer ownership to Tri-Town Unified Recreational Facilities (TURF).
  • Your charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes is based on the full fair market value of the shares on the date the gift is received by TURF.
  • You receive credit from TURF for the full fair market value of the shares, but the cost to you is only your original purchase price.

Unless otherwise stipulated, all gifts of securities and mutual funds will be sold making them available for immediate use by TURF. The charitable deduction is determined by the fair market value on the date of the transfer of the asset to TURF. The gift value is based on the average of the market high and low for the date TURF receives the gift (not the date you advise your broker to make the transfer). Please be sure to let your broker know when you want the transfer to take place so that it can be accomplished within your desired time frame (e.g., by December 31) to take advantage of year-end tax savings.  

Electronic Transfer of Stock
Please advise your broker to electronically transfer stock via DTC as follows:
DTC #0164Code 40
Contact: Andrew McIntire or Kim Tirrell 508-748-1665 at American Research & Management
Account Number: 6277-4461

Please notify Andrew McIntire or Kim Tirrell of your pending transaction by calling

508-748-1665 or email Andrew at with the following information: 

·       # of shares being transferred

·       Name(s) of security(ies)

·       Your broker's name, brokerage firm, phone and fax numbers

·       Broker's DTC #

·       Your mailing address for gift acknowledgment

Purpose or designation of gift