Old Rochester High School has a long, proud history of athletic excellence, capped by its 2015 award for having the most successful Division 3 athletic program in the state.  The High School's fields are also used by a large number of community organizations.  

The main field is used by ORR's football, soccer and lacrosse teams as well as various youth organizations.   The track is the center for the American Cancer Society's "Relay for Life."  The tennis courts are used by the high school's tennis team and also by area residents.

Because of heavy use over the past 15 years since its construction in 2000, the facility is in disrepair and needs to be rehabilitated.  

The ORR Track Team performs at a nationally recognized level, but the track facility is not qualified to host state track tournaments because it is outdated.  Our award-winning track team deserves the honor of hosting the state meets.

It is time for us as a community to come together and rehabilitate the area to be something we can be exceedingly proud of.

O.R.R. T.U.R.F. has been organized by Tri-Town community leaders to serve as the primary vehicle for soliciting community input and ideas to gather information and proposals from renovating the fields, to assist in fund-raising for this public-private partnership, and the to seek funds, in-kind services and assistance from a combination of both public and private sources.

The mission of ORR TURF is to:

1. Create all-season turf playing fields to serve the needs of those who play soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, football and other field sports

2. Renovate the track and field facilities

3. Create improved natural grass ball fields

4. Improve the tennis court complex

5. Add necessary seating, lighting, press box, restrooms and other acessory amenities for the comfort of both facility users and spectators