ORR TURF Takes Major Step Forward

in Renovation of Outdoor Space

Thanks to Fundraising Push



CONTACT:  Hal Rood, ORR TURF (Tri-Town Unified Recreational Facilities, Inc.),

508-322-8587 or halrood@gmail.com

ORR T.U.R.F. (“ORR Turf”), is excited to announce a major milestone in the initiative to upgrade the Tri-Town’s outdoor athletic fields at Old Rochester High School.   ORR Turf has selected an engineering firm for the phase one schematic of the facility.   This phase is being funded entirely by the private 501 ( C ) (3) group.

ORR Turf has selected Kaestle Boos Associates, Inc., one of New England’s most experienced architectural and athletic facility design firms.  The firm has over 50 years of experience.

“We could not have funded this critical step without generous support from Tri Town citizens who want to transform our community's outdoor space and make it safer and a more effective use of space,” said ORR Turf President Tom Flynn. 

“We are thrilled to be providing design services at the Old Rochester High School site,” said Luke McCoy, Project Manager for Kaestle Boos.  McCoy also serves on the national Synthetic Turf Council.

ORR Turf’s major fundraising push this fall enabled it to entirely fund this initial engineering work, which it will be sharing with various committees of the Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester governments.  

ORR Turf is encouraging individuals and groups to consider donating and showing public support for the initiative.  All donations will be used toward renovation of the outdoor rec spaces at ORR.  ORR TURF is a 501(C)(3) charitable organization comprised of citizens of Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester.  The group’s renovation plan will touch all outdoor sports areas at the high school, including increasing the safety and playability of the multipurpose fields and bringing the track up to the state’s recommended standards.

For more information, visit their website at www.ORRTurf.com or view the informational video here:  https://youtu.be/G78sijve3-I